Salsa Dance Classes

At OLSA International Dance Academy, you will learn all about tropical and urban rhythms from our expert staff. We have a several dance rhythms to choose from including salsa, bachata, kizomba and porro marcado. You can choose to learn in our group classes, or come with a partner and we will set up a class just for you two. We can even set up personalized classes for you! With OLSA Dance, you will learn basic, intermediate and advanced levels of the dance style you choose. We customize your lessons to fit your skill level!

Being part of OLSA Dance, will open your range of steps and help you to stand out with confidence and ease every time you go out dancing. It will also help improve your health while doing an activity that you like.

Don´t forget about the Saturday night Pre-Party! Every Friday night we host a dance social to put your dance classes to use in a smaller, more controlled setting. This is your opportunity to meet and make friends with local Colombians and practice salsa and bachata before you and your group go out on the town for the night! Your dance teachers will also be there giving free lessons and tips during the course of the night! This event has a small cover, but includes a beverage and group dance lesson.

We want to thank you for considering OLSA International – Certified Spanish academy as your Spanish language immersion school! Your future really is important to us and we are excited to share this experience with you. So, invest in your future. Improve your marketability. Join us at OLSA!